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Dec 17, 2019

Host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) talks with Tim Pullan, Founder and CEO at ThoughtRiver, a company that draws on the expertise of experienced industry lawyers, leading-edge computational linguists, and a customer-focused commercial team. They work in teams and stay focused by setting company and team level objectives. In 2015 Tim relocated from Singapore to the UK to develop ThoughtRiver’s technology in Cambridge, one of the world’s leading centers for natural language processing and machine learning. Tim is a regular writer and speaker on the role of data and machine learning in transforming legal risk management. Enjoy!


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Show Notes

  • About ThoughtRiver - 0:18
  • Using an intelligent software - 3:23
  • Summary of a contract - 4:55
  • The potential for growth - 7:27
  • Law firms using the software - 9:13
  • Having a diverse client base - 10:40
  • A success story - 11:27
  • What people hate about contracts - 13:46
  • Different ways of writing contracts - 14:58
  • Part of Tim's job - 17:09
  • Give value to clients - 18:41
  • Inviting lawyers to use new technology - 19:34
  • Helping lawyers do their jobs in a better way - 21:52
  • ThoughtRiver’s present and future - 22:24
  • Tim’s thoughts on ThoughtRiver - 26:28
  • Learn more and get in touch with ThoughtRiver - 27:24


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