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Dec 30, 2020

Chelsey Lambert interviews Justine Vilain, Privacy & Legal Manager at Datagrail. They spoke about how Datagrail adds value to organizations coping with CCPA and GDPR regulations.


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Show Notes

  • Her background - 1:38
  • Studying law - 2:24
  • An overview about datagrail services - 4:43
  • Having success - 6:23
  • What Datagrail have done - 8:23
  • The amount of data is exponential - 10:58
  • Having an engagement with an organization - 14:06
  • It is all about timing - 16:37
  • A piece of advice to business professionals - 16:50
  • Is it an increase for legal technologies investments? - 19:32
  • Privacy as a big concern - 25:39
  • How you can learn more about Datagrail - 26:36

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