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Feb 8, 2019

Michael Bloom founded and now runs Praktio, a provider of interactive, online learning games and exercises for developing practical contracts skills and know-how.

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Show Notes

  • The origin story of Praktio - from teaching a transactional law school clinic to legal tech founder.
  • How "learning contracts" is like learning a new language or coding.
  • How Praktio works.  Teaching contract fundamentals (and other things you missed in law school).
  • Why Praktio’s motto is to “make mistakes.”  Helping students and now customers enter the “growth mindset.” 
  • How Michael Bloom's law school teaching days shaped his vision.
  • Thoughts on if law school is preparing students for the new legal economy.
  • On doing "design jams" in law school.  Issuing spotting and poking holes vs. creating and building out!  
  • Why contracts are important.  How mastering transactional language can put your legal career on a faster trajectory.
  • The importance of understanding the structure and anatomy of deal docs.
  • Favorite client success stories.
  • Why senior level partners are now on Praktio!
  • How to learn more about Praktio, take a quiz and demo the product.

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