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Dec 21, 2018

Show Notes
  • Mary Juetten's latest book "The Business of Legal: The Data-Drive Law Practice" - now available on Kindle for under $10!
  • Understanding the process of how to re-think, re-design and experiment with your law firm to drive positive change.
  • Avoiding "impulse buying" in legal tech – starting with solving a specific problem.
  • Using data to track how people are finding out about your firm.
  • Why the way of the future involves subscription plans – what lawyers can learn from the other professions.
  • Re-branding billable hours as "recordable hours."
  • Using time capture to measure performance vs. using it to bill clients, similar to engineers.
  • Tech tools Mary is using to reduce fiction in capturing recordable hours.
  • Mary's ideas on the "tiered structure" of the medical profession and how it might be applied to legal education.
  • A future of J.D. advantage jobs? The rise of legal A.I. supervisors and online dispute resolution platform architects.
  • Rethinking paralegals and the use of the term "access to justice."
  • How to get your copy of "The Business of Legal: The Data-Driven Law Practice."

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