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Oct 19, 2018

Jeff Ward and Ian do a deep dive on frontier technologies in this week's Evolve the Law Podcast.

Jeff is the director of Duke’s Center on Law & Technology (DCLT), which coordinates Duke’s leadership at the intersection of law and technology with programs such as the Duke Law Tech Lab, a pre-accelerator for legal technology companies, and the Access Tech Tools initiative, a program to help students and Duke’s community partners to employ human-centered design thinking and available technologies to create tools to enhance access to legal services.

Show Notes 

  • How Jeff got started at the Duke Center.  Teaching law students the ethics of AI, blockchain and design thinking.
  • Designing a law course around a "Black Mirror" episode.
  • How law students today are energized by exploring the implications of "frontier technologies."  The common ethos that things need to change.
  • Why we need to look for the legal leaders of tomorrow, today.
  • On regulating the ethical development of AI - the two ways of thinking about AI and the future of law.
  • The core purpose of law school.  On empathy and problem solving.
  • On teaching law students to become better managers, as well as better lawyers with a better toolset.
  • Defining a "frontier technology" - the top 3 Jeff is thinking about (for now).
  • Ethical technology development vs. ex post reaction.  The case of Cambridge Analytica and avoiding a negative feedback loop of policymaking.
  • Brain Computing Interfaces ("BCIs") and their potential use cases in the courtrooms of tomorrow.
  • Quantum Computing, CRISPR and the geopolitics of nations competing for frontier technology.
  • A golden age of lawyering?
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