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Feb 16, 2017


Host Jules Miller talks with David Pashman of Meetup. David is the general council for Meetup and is a professor at NYU school of Law.

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Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction

00:31 David’s background in legal tech

01:18 In what area are you a legal expert?

02:41 What is the difference between how big law and in-house environment uses innovation?

04:39 What other skillsets are most important as a general council of a technology company?

06:35 Are there any surprises for going in-house that you didn’t expect?

08:31 Where do you think the biggest opportunity for in-house attorneys to accelerate the adoption of technology and innovation in the legal industry is?

10:36 You also teach at NYU law, how do your students feel about joining the legal profession today?

12:01 What advice would you give to law students or young lawyers who are just starting their career?

13:52 Why are you involved with Evolve Law?

14:32 What are your final thoughts on the future of the legal industry?

15:24 Outro