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Jun 2, 2016


Welcome to the latest episode of the Evolve Law Podcast! Today our host, Mary Juetten, sits down with Chris Stock from LEAP to talk about their all in one software for small firms. LEAP contains everything you would need to run a small firm - no more using a patchwork of software, each designed to cover one specific need. His software is so easy to use and effective, one firm reported a 30% increasfe in their billables within their first two months of use. Tune in to find out more about this innovative software and its role within the legal industry.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:32 Introducing Chris Stock from LEAP Legal Software USA

01:46 How Was this Problem Discovered?

04:11 Do Market to In House or General Counsel?

04:56 How Does Your System Go Back and Forth Between Online & Offline?

07:10 What is the Expertise of Your Team?

08:07 Do You Have Any Case Studies?

11:13 Do You Have Any Other Metrics?

14:21 Outro