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Jan 31, 2019

Case Status is the leading cloud-based, mobile friendly client engagement and marketing tool for law firms. Former attorney Lauren Sturdivant saw a future of legal that she didn’t like. She left her high paying practice to change the way lawyers engage with their clients.

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 Show Notes

  • Observing the disconnect between attorneys and clients. 
  • Why "client success" is critical to your firm's success.
    Ordering a pizza vs. hiring a lawyer. 
  • The importance of knowing what's going on in a case each step of the way.
  • The tech development process - on hiring a great team and listening obsessively to what lawyers wanted in Case Status.
  • On making the leap from traditional practice to the world of legal tech.
  • The importance of keeping clients updated on their case without lengthly communications.
  • Why your clients may be your best marketers.
  • How Case Status uses data to compute a level of client satisfaction. 
  • Applying Amazon's scoring methodology to boost lawyer referrals.
  • Why law firms are excited about Case Status.
  • Understanding the difference between "your version of solving a problem" and your client's version.
  • Recent success stories of Case Status in life-changing immigration cases.
  • Why having client satisfaction data is critical to your firm.
  • The coming Case Status LawyerApp.
  • Trends in the legal job market - observing "people will always need lawyers."
  • "People want to pay less and know more" - the shift to flat fee models and demands for transparency.
  • Prepping for a virtualized legal economy and e-courts. Why the days of marble desks and expensive leather-bound books are over.
  • How to learn more about Case Status and demo the product

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