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Sep 16, 2016


Host Jules Miller talks about the lessons the law industry can learn from silicon valley about hiring and employee happiness. Jules is confident that biglaw will learn from the unicorn companies and prioritize culture in hiring and compensation to make biglaw a great place to work again.

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction

00:33 Are you following the pied piper with your hiring?

00:55 How most of the annual associate bonus announcements workout

01:44 The new associates tried and tested formula for hiring

02:59 Something has to change in this process… and it’s changing

03:55 Why Silicon Valley unicorn companies are hiring from the legal industry

05:44 A new emphasis on professional development, flexibility, transparency and meritocracy

06:24 Startups have figured out that employee happiness, productivity and retention comes down to culture

06:48 Law firms truly need to zone in on real differentiators

07:23 In order to get unicorn levels of happiness and retention you have to focus on the unique culture