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Mar 22, 2019

The future of document drafting is here! and on this new episode, we get a chance to learn all about it, as our host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) talks with Tucker Cottingham, the founder and CEO of Lawyaw, a very exciting new document automation product that's now being used in the legal tech space.

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Show Notes

  • Tucker's background
  • The product development process
  • How they built the product
  • How does Lawyaw work?
  • Converting a document into a template
  • 5,000 government forms are in the platform
  • California as an example
  • What the law firms say about Lawyaw
  • Providing better client services
  • A paperless law office
  • Focusing on small firms
  • Adapting technology more quickly
  • 160 documents extracted
  • Family law attorneys that are in the platform
  • Working with legal aid organizations
  • A tool used by an attorney
  • Is Lawyaw artificial intelligence?
  • What is like being a licensed attorney
  • How to get started with Lawyaw
  • A specific California court form subscription
  • Why the company's name is Lawyaw?

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