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Aug 9, 2019

Troy Pospisil is the founder and CEO at InCloudCounsel, a legal technology company that combines highly experienced corporate attorneys with cloud-based software to offer a scalable, end-to-end solution for negotiating and managing routine legal work. The InCloudCounsel software platform is designed to maximize organization, efficiency, and insight by providing a robust set of document management and data reporting capabilities. 

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Show Notes

  • Why Troy founded the company - 1:00
  • Bringing a unique approach to the legal world - 1:33
  • How big is InCloudCounsel - 2:40
  • Focus on financial institutions - 4:24
  • The interview process to find attorneys for InCloudCounsel - 5:26
  • What are the product details? - 7:57
  • Benefits of using a solution as InCloudCounsel - 14:26
  • Contracts as a critical component of the businesses - 18:20
  • Talking about legal technology investments - 20:50
  • Tools that change the way attorneys operate - 21:25
  • Data security is the one priority  for InCloudCounsel - 26:22
  • Machine learning and using it at InCloudCounsel - 27:40
  • Opportunities to leverage machine learning models - 29:02
  • Every company has access to the "state of the art" - 31:18
  • One of the challenges of using machine learning - 31:58
  • An efficiency building technology tool - 33:39
  • Having a team around the world - 36:30
  • People who work at large enterprises work on complex matters - 37:42
  • Global solutions for big complex businesses - 38:40


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