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Mar 30, 2020

Ian Connett interviews Taison Bell and Tim Harvey, Co-CEOs of Owl Peak Labs. They discuss the impacts of COVID-19 and how Owl Peak Labs is fighting back.

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Show Notes

  • Guest’s background - 0:51
  • What can we do to fight against covid_19 right now - 1:27
  • The rapid rising cases of covid_19 - 3:19
  • This virus does not care about geography, race or social status - 4:09
  • It is a really awkward time - 5:10
  • When to get tested - 7:03
  • Covid_19 symptoms - 7:14
  • What to do if you are covid_19 positive - 8:47
  • Unprecedented times for the market - 9:25
  • What to do in this difficult time - 9:53
  • Focusing on the health of the employees - 10:51
  • Technology enables businesses to continue working - 13:33
  • Creating a narrative that helps patients - 14:40
  • Prioritizing human life - 15:52
  • Using technology in this critical situation - 17:57
  • Legal teams against covid_19 - 18:22
  • A deep relationship with your customers - 19:07
  • The role of the legal community today - 21:00
  • Using your unique skill set in this difficult time - 23:11


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