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Oct 24, 2018

Stuart Barr leads product strategy, innovation, product management, design and user experience at HighQ. Stuart and Host Ian discuss HighQ's intelligent work platform in the latest Evolve the Law Podcast.
  • Stuart's role at HighQ - how this platform is transforming legal services delivery for both law firms and in house departments.
  • Intelligent platforms and A.I. vs. intelligent working.  Combining A.I. with new ways of working.
  • The need for law firms to undergo digital transformations - helping lawyers "rethink" both the technological and human elements of their work.
  • HighQ as digital "legos."  How Client's can creatively build their own solutions on the platform and be first to market with new solutions.
  • What people are saying about HighQ.
  • On the importance of both data security and "data sovereignty."
  • Stuart on the future legal tech trends he is watching - keeping an eye on both digital transaction management and legal project management.
  • Why discussions on A.I. may be at "peak hype."  Why it might make sense to talk about "intelligent work" vs. artificial intelligence.
  • On the importance of knowledge management.  Working in the same system that captures your knowledge.
  • How technology definitions can get warped over time.  Artificial assistance vs. artificial intelligence.  Why managing expectations is more important than managing definitions.
  • On potentially becoming the "Salesforce of law."  Building a platform to deliver integrated solutions to multiple problems.
  • How to learn more about HighQ and demo the platform. 

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