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Dec 5, 2018

Steven Lofchie is consistently ranked a top financial regulatory attorney.  He’s also the founder, inspiration and visionary behind Cadwalader Cabinet – the "go to" intelligence and knowledge management platform for attorneys and regulators operating in the financial services sector.

In this episode of the Evolve the Law Podcast, Steven and host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) do a deep dive on Cadwalader Cabinet, and how it’s a game changing platform for lawyers, regulators and thought leaders in the financial regulatory space.   Steven also discusses his recent experiments with A.I., what fulfills him about practicing law, and the increasing importance of moral and strategic decision-making and why the profession needs more "Renaissance" lawyers to meet current challenges.

Show Notes

  • Cadwalader Cabinet’s origin story – how a comprehensive intelligence platform for financial services regulation was born out of Steven’s idea for an online legal book.
  • Steven breaks down the tech – what the Cabinet does and its power users.
  • On the dual meaning of “cabinet” (a collection of experts and a toolkit).
  • On getting the news vs. getting the answer.
  • How the Cadwalader Cabinet team is able to review significant news items and provide meaning.
  • Steven’s favorite features – on the ease of getting the right answer.
  • On striving to be better at tech than any law firm, and better at law than any tech firm.
  • Distinguishing lawyers moving into tech vs. law firms building and incubating tech for client adoption.
  • The future of Cadwalader Cabinet – to Mars and beyond!
  • Recent experiments with machine learning - meta data and big data vs. "medium data."
  • On what legal tasks can and should be automated vs. what cannot and should not be automated.
  • On the importance of human decisions – especially on moral and strategic matters. Building judgments into expert systems.
  • Why “finding the document” is not exactly satisfying.
  • Steven’s favorite thing about practicing law – truly appreciating his clients and making decisions.
  • The importance of finding your legal philosophy in the age of A.I.
  • What excites (and troubles) Steven about the future of law.
  • The importance of lawyers expanding their thinking – why we need more “Renaissance" types who can move across different sectors to find solutions to disruptive technologies.
  • How to learn more about Cadwalader Cabinet and give it a go!

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