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Aug 9, 2018

Sarah Schaaf is the founder and CEO of Headnote which revolutionizing payments in the legal community. Host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) and Sarah talk about validating a legal tech idea, raising venture capital and the future of Headnote.

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Show Notes

  • The origin story of Headnote – how Sarah solved her own pain points
  • Developing a tool like Venmo for lawyers - thinking of her solution as a “tool” vs. software
  • Taking “awkward collections” off the client’s plate
  • Sarah’s approach to design – ruthless focus on the client experience
  • Transitioning from traditional law career to running a venture backed start up - how to find a nice founder-funder fit
  • Sarah’s take on recent VC investment in legal tech
  • 2 easy ways to test if you have an “MVP” to develop for the legal tech market
  • Convergence with FinTech – exploring crypto payments for lawyers and international transactions
  • Why you’re risking disbarment if you’re unaware of the lawyer-client payment rules
  • How you can try Headnote today, risk free, and take advantage of the Evolve the Law promo code at

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