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May 24, 2016


Welcome to the twenty fourth episode of the Evolve Law Podcast! Today we sit down with Rhilee Kirkpatrick, a representative from Abacus Data Systems, to talk about the importance of cyber security and Abacus Private Cloud. Abacus Private Cloud is a product launched by Abacus Data Systems that is specifically engineered to safeguard firms against cyber threats while providing mobility and back end management and maintenance. Tune in to find out more about this innovative technology, cyber security, and Abacus Data Systems!

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:15 Introducing Rhilee Kirkpatrick from Abacus Data Systems

1:53 How Were You So Far Ahead of the Curve Thirty Years Ago?

3:41 Who Are Your Main Customers?

4:57 Where the Founders of the Company from the Legal Side or Technology Side?

6:21 Are There Any Case Studies that You Would Like to Share?

9:08 Do You Have Any Metrics That You Would Like to Share?

10:28 Outro