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Nov 4, 2019

Monica Zent is an experienced entrepreneur, leader, and negotiator capable of motivating others, growing an organization and increasing productivity. Monica Zent is a businesswoman and trusted legal advisor to the world’s most well-known brands. Zent has been a successful entrepreneur for decades, creating companies in music, technology, real estate, law, and legal tech.


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Show Notes

  • What is ZentLaw? - 0:30
  • Legal tech for the legal market - 1:23
  • ZentLaw labs - 1:44
  • Challenges for the company - 3:49
  • Recent integrations - 5:21
  • What’s next for Monica - 6:08
  • System election and implementation - 7:47
  • The legal tech space - 9:23
  • Contracting and a collaborative process - 11:34
  • The legal services provider world - 14:32
  • Big and small law firms using technology - 15:24
  • Blockchain and quantum computer - 17:40
  • What is quantum computing? - 19:42
  • When she heard about quantum computing - 22:16
  • Diversity and inclusion in the legal space - 24:22
  • More women in tech - 27:01
  • Repurpose the time using legal technology - 27:53
  • Running and sports - 29:00


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