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Oct 9, 2018

Entrepreneur, Tech CEO, Berkeley MBA - Building Tali, a next-gen timekeeping platform powered by Amazon Alexa.

Matthew Volm and Host Ian explore the voice integrated future of legal services in this week's ETL podcast.

Show Notes
  • The origin of Tali – asking how Alexa could solve the problem of time entry.
  • How Tali leverages voice capturing technology to help lawyers capture up to  40% more billable time.
  • How voice technology will increasingly complete other legal admin tasks.  Exploring the voice integrated future.
  • How Matthew went about product development.   Why product development and customer discovery “never ends.”
  • Why friction and complexity are detrimental to your productivity.
  • How AI and machine learning are used to power the Tali voice time entry platform.
  • What lawyers are doing with more time.
  • Matthew on what is unique in legal tech and critical traits for successful entrepreneurs.
  • On finding a problem worth solving.  Why you need to feel the pain of your customer.
  • The value of making small improvements vs. quantum leaps.
  • What will and won’t be automated in the future.
  • Why lawyers who adopt AI will replace lawyers who don’t.

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