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Sep 25, 2018

Mark Yacano is a recognized innovator in the delivery of legal services. During his 25 years in the legal and business worlds, Mark has been a trusted advisor to corporate law departments working with corporate counsel on both business and legal strategy. It is his mission to help implement solutions that allow clients to improve the quality of the services provided, create an environment that fosters employee career development and allow more effective use of their financial resources.

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Show Notes
  • Mark updates us on what's new over at MLA.
  • Mark's latest work on Smart Look Analytics, a tool that pairs SMEs with powerful contract review software.
  • Thinking of legal tech as a "human talent enabler" vs. a human replacement.
  • Mark's early experience in a legal tech practice - building an early advisory e-discovery practice within a law firm.
  • On the challenge of "converting a company's ethos."  How to introduce new service models within established cultures.
  • Mark's advice for those looking to work in the legal tech space.
  • Picking opportunities wisely and delaying short term "perceptions of rewards" for bigger long term payoffs.
  • Mark's take on entrepreneurship vs. intrapreneurship.  How to know if you're more wired for one or the other.
  • How to find your voice.
  • The need to practice self-care and for lawyer's to develop wellness techniques.

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