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Oct 20, 2020

Welcome listeners to this first episode about our special podcast report LexisNexis, Lexis+: A new era of legal research. This is episode 1 of our upcoming podcasts 4 part series where listeners will have an insider's look into the next generation legal tech tool of LexisNexis. Today, we will introduce you to this new legal tech tool and the real-life practical application.

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Show Notes

  • Talking about legal products - 1:30
  • Using the product - 3:02
  • The full Lexis product and applications - 4:26
  • Using technology - 6:16
  • What you can do with Lexis + - 7:09
  • Technology places a big role - 8:14
  • How Artificial Intelligence would impact LexisNexis - 11:38
  • Lexis + and the process of litigation - 14:18
  • What you can do with this tool - 16:46
  • Building better legal products - 20:27
  • Lawyers using machine learning tools - 21:02


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