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Aug 7, 2019

Continuing the conversations with the attendees of The Legal Geek Conference, on this episode, host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) talks with Jim Brock of Trustbot. This company makes NDAs easy for teams, checking meeting coverage based on participants, watching out for account status changes, sending reminders, routing for approval and confirming coverage, all within your team's regular workflow.

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Show Notes

  • What are Trustbot and NDAs?- 0:33
  • Discussing NDAs - 0:58
  • Legal technology and drafting - 1:34
  • New tools that help you with the processes - 2:54
  • Trustbot is free: anybody can use it - 3:07
  • Automating processes and making NDAs invisible - 3:46
  • Trustbot as a tool for 99% of NDAs - 4:37
  • The engagement with the platform - 5:11
  • Trustbot is completely in the cloud - 5:49
  • Getting the NDAs done - 6:33
  • How does Trustbot help you?- 6:48
  • Using the slack channel - 7:30
  • An expiration date for the NDA - 8:11
  • How to learn more about Trustbot - 9:50


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