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Sep 12, 2019

What makes The Legal Geek Conference special? On this episode, host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) talks with one of the attendees, Kelly Twigger, an attorney who's equally at home on the legal court as she is on a basketball court, likely a testament to her undying tenacity, love for strategic sports, and an uncanny eye for game-winning strategies. 

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Show Notes

  • Kelly's background - 0:19
  • What is ESI Attorneys - 0:39
  • Her law firm as competitive - 2:59
  • Kelly's company job - 3:20
  • Using litigation strategies - 4:14
  • Being litigators and discovering attorneys at the same time - 5:19
  • Helping lawyers know more about technology - 5:49
  • Kelly's experience as a litigator - 6:57
  • Kelly's first job - 8:47
  • She tells us how she always wanted to go to law school - 9:43
  • Teaching lawyers how to win - 11:01
  • All evidence is electronic now - 11:26
  • A lawyer has to understand how to use electronic information - 11:42
  • How to use ESI to win a case - 13:42
  • Get in touch with Kelly and ESI Attorneys - 14:00

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