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Oct 11, 2019

A gathering of remarkable talent, on this episode, host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) talks with one of the attendees of the Legal Geek Conference, Haley Altman. Haley has over a decade of experience working on complicated transactions in the corporate, private equity, and venture capital verticals sectors. Her practice has extended from the Midwest at Ice Miller to the West Coast at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. The idea for Doxly was born at 1 A.M. while Haley and her colleague, Elizabeth Brier, sat surrounded by hundreds of manila closing folders, hunting through thousands of pieces of paper for one missing signature page.

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Show Notes

  • Discussing scrappiness - 1:00
  • Haley's definition of scrappiness - 1:30
  • Scrappiness while working in a team - 3:22
  • The importance of always rethinking - 3:44
  • Maximizing the effort - 4:18
  • Culture in a company - 4:45
  • The product needs to be simple - 5:09
  • How do you keep scrappiness as culture - 6:01
  • Empowering people below her to do more - 6:47
  • Haley's engineers at Doxly are scrappy - 7:08


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