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Feb 14, 2019

Today we talk to Laura Van Wingaarden, one of legal tech’s brightest minds when it comes to AI. Laura is the CEO and co-founder of Diligen. Join our host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) in this engaging conversation about artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Show Notes

  • Laura explains what's new with Diligen - 0:50
  • How the software helps legal teams work more efficiently - 2:01
  • Ian tells us his favorite Diligen story - 2:39
  • How Diligen works - 4:39
  • The first area that Diligen focuses on - 6:49
  • How attorney experts guide the software - 7:50
  • Is Diligen going to hire and exploring partnerships - 12:00
  • Future features inside of Diligen - 15:44
  • Making the software as simple as possible - 16:39
  • Using the software to review contracts faster and efficiently - 19:25
  • Find out more information about Diligen - 20:07


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