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Feb 17, 2020

Kristin Tyler is the co-founder of LAWCLERK™. This platform allows solo practitioners and small firms to tap into a nationwide network of skilled freelance attorneys and add subject matter expertise or an extra set of hands whenever they need it without increasing their overhead by adding full-time employees. LAWCLERK™ is the solution for solo practitioners and small firms to succeed in the changing legal landscape.  With LAWCLERK™, attorneys can create a better work product, lower the costs of legal services to their clients, and increase their profits. Today’s episode is about this platform's story and much more, enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • All about LAWCLERK™ - 0:54
  • How the idea of LAWCLERK™ came about - 1:42
  • The coolest thing that LAWCLERK™ does - 3:39
  • Attorneys helping each other - 4:51
  • Attorneys learning about different tools - 8:12
  • Kristin's projections for the next three to five years - 8:29
  • Are lawyers resistant to new technology? - 10:20
  • A piece of advice for somebody that is getting into the law world - 12:59
  • Increasing technology in the legal market - 14:43
  • Investments and opportunities for the legal market - 18:25
  • Learning more about the platform - 18:47

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