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Aug 30, 2018

Host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) and co-host Dan Lear of Right Brain Law talk to Kim Bennett in this very special episode. K Bennett Law LLC helps serial entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses address their labor, employment, HR, intellectual property and general business strategy needs.

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Show Notes

  • Kimberly's initial aversion to law practice.  Transitioning from the medical school path to law school. 
  • Working for juvenile justice in Georgia with PHD/JDs.  How natural curiosity helps your legal career.
  • Taking a cross-disciplinary approach. Lessons learned from psychology researching, including the importance of understanding empathy and  the client’s journey.
  • The power of helping others get what they want.
  • On going “heads down” during times of challenge. Getting it done.
  • Dissecting internal vs. external motivations.
  • Working through the Great Recession.  Joining a family practice and being a legal entrepreneur. 
  • The power of taking things into your own hands.
  • Working at Google'.  Kimberly's passion for moving the industry forward.
  • Utilizing technology to offer subscription and virtual legal services.  How Kimberly built her practice and model helping businesses and lawyers evolve their practice.
  • The results of Kimberly's Myers Briggs Test.
  • How Kimberly's sees The Future of Law – getting back to being a true advisor.  
  • Being a “creative thinker” vs. a “document drafter.”
  • How to connect with Kim and learn more about her practice.

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