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Jan 4, 2017


With so many new changes on the horizon in the legal industry there are tons of interesting problems to solve and interesting things to learn with a future we can barely imagine. Host Jules Miller talks with Ken Callander at Value Strategies. Together they discuss value based pricing and thoughts about the future of the legal industry.

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Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction

00:26 Ken’s background

02:02 In what area of the legal industry are you an expert?

03:32 What is value based pricing?

05:57 Can you share who your clients are and the types of work you’ve done for them?

07:24 Why is this important for the legal industry?

08:23 What are the most forward thinking in-house legal practices doing now that will become commonplace in a couple of years?

09:54 How have you seen in-house counsels effectively gain approval for value based pricing?

11:08 What can possibly go wrong and how can you avoid it?

12:10 What’s the best way to get started with value based pricing?

12:55 Ken’s final thoughts on the future of the legal industry.

14:18 Outro