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Jan 17, 2019

Hire an Esquire has been innovating the way legal professionals work since 2011. We reinvented legal staffing with a proprietary online platform that analyzes a candidate’s experience and expertise to best match them with contract and permanent positions at law firms and legal departments of all sizes - the first system of its kind. The result is efficient and flexible legal staffing, built for a modern workforce.

Show Notes
  • How hiring is still largely based on referrals – with little tech enhancement.
  • Anuj’s background in legal recruiting and on using tech to improve how to hire lawyers for specific jobs.
  • Eric’s expertise in psychometric assessments and employee selection.
  • On applying biopsychology to the legal field.
  • Moneyball for Law – drawing statistical correlations between lawyer traits and legal outcomes.
  • The key personality traits that are the most telling of performance in the lawyer workplace.
  • How Hire an Esquire connects you to a vetted network of legal talent.
  • Grappling with the fact that 50% of legal work could go freelance.  How Hire an Esquire enhances work-life balance in the new legal economy.
  • Why resumes are poor predictors of performance.
  • Hard skills vs. soft skills in predicting lawyer success.
  • The most important “soft skills” for lawyers.
  • The biological roots of poise.
  • On the importance of getting out of your neocortex.
  • Things you can do to hone your soft skills.
  • The importance of being good to your body – or at least take a deep breath!
  • Looking back at law school – on learning the business of law and the importance of exploring different paths.
  • Anuj’s journey from a traditional law career to legal tech – his focus on improving how legal services are delivered.
  • Prestige points as shortcuts.  Inheriting the biases of prestige filters.
  • Learn more about Hire an Esquire and give it a try!

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