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Jun 3, 2016



Welcome to the twenty seventh episode of the Evolve Law Podcast! Today we sit down with Harry Singh, the founder of Lawcus. Lawcus is a legal company that provides visual legal project management software for both small and large law firms. Lawcus helps attorneys to streamline communication and automate processes. It also has an interface so intuitive that it users can access anything in just two clicks. Tune in to find out more about this innovative new legal tech company!

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:32 Introducing Harry Singh from Lawcus

02:31 How Did You Discover This Legal Tech Problem?

04:33 How Long Has It Been Since You Launched This?

04:53 Who Are Your Main Clients?

05:29 What is the Expertise of Your Team?

06:07 Do You Have Any Feedback or Case Studies?

07:41 Do You Have Any Specific Metrics?

08:51 Outro