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Oct 24, 2019

Frank Cort is the Founder of Apptoto, which provides an "Appointment Messaging Platform" to small and medium-sized businesses. The primary use case is sending reminders to reduce no-shows. They currently have 2500+ paying clients in over 90 countries. Frank is a software programmer and serial entrepreneur. He identifies with professionals trying to improve, manage, and grow their business. Stay tuned and enjoy this interview!

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Show Notes

  • Frank's background and the idea that created Apptoto - 0:45
  • Law firms signing for Apptoto - 2:44
  • How you can use the Apptoto system - 4:14
  • Getting better results using the app - 5:15
  • Receiving feedback from the law firms that use Apptoto - 6:58
  • Apptoto's features - 8:22
  • A feature called "Campaigns" - 9:27
  • How the instant messaging works - 12:11
  • Law firms grow using technology software - 13:07
  • Widespread adoption of communication and messaging technology - 16:11
  • Business does not stop: we need technology! - 19:15
  • Frank's advice for somebody that wants to create a technology organization - 21:34
  • Always listening to the clients - 23:14
  • The use of technology in the legal market - 23:55
  • Where you can learn more about Apptoto - 25:50


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