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May 17, 2018

Welcome to the Evolve Law Summit 2018 Podcast Series Series!  This is one of a series of live shows recorded at this year’s Evolve Law Summit in Chicago with Contributing Editor Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) and Dan Lear of Right Brain Law.


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EL Summit Strategic Panelists:

  • Deb Tesser, Director of Special Projects, Above The Law
  • Alma Asay, Chief Innovation Officer, Integreon
  • Katie DeBord, Chief Innovation Office, Bryan Cave
  • Carlos Gamez, Senior Director of Innovation, Thomson Reuters


Podcast Show Notes:

  • Panelist’s takeaway thoughts from the Strategics Panel.
  • On “having your cake and eating it too” and when to say NO!
  • How law firms are now fostering innovation in legal services.
  • Thomson Reuter’s Incubation Hub.
  • Focusing on “LegalOps” solutions and improving the client experience.
  • Why it’s not always about “the tech.”   Creating a 360 “vision” and value propositioning.
  • Developing technology that helps law firms look better to their clients.
  • Preparing for “change management” during the partnership.
  • Operating with multiple gears (scale vs. startup).
  • Why everything is a sales process until the JV is formed.


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