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May 17, 2018

Welcome to the Evolve Law Summit 2018 Podcast Series Series!  This is one of a series of live shows recorded at this year’s Evolve Law Summit in Chicago with Contributing Editor Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) and Dan Lear of Right Brain Law.


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EL Summit Investor Panelists:


Podcast Show Notes:

  • What is needed for true disruption of the legal services industry.
  • Advice to legal tech founders seeking capital infusion.
  • On underestimating “chemistry” with your investor community.
  • Having a business vs. having a “hobby.”
  • How complicated legal workflows prohibit investment opportunities.
  • Successful product development in legal tech.
  • Finding and attracting talent to legal tech projects.
  • Communicating the unique “nobility” of legal tech ventures.
  • Panelist’s thoughts on IPOs.
  • Compliance burdens and the volatility of the IPO market.
  • Thornton’s takeaway thoughts from the Investors Panel.   Legal tech as a legitimate B2B community.


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