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Apr 5, 2019

Hire an Esquire connects law firms and in-house legal departments with a vetted network of top attorneys via an online marketplace platform. Our technology-enabled model helps law practices of all sizes from solos to the AMLaw 200 and Fortune 500 legal departments meet their business cycledemands—on demand.

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Show Notes

  • How do we build a better lawyer? Peeling back the lawyer brain onion with Eric Fox.
  • Eric’s background in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.
  • Seeing statistics and theory as a mix of art and science.
  • Predicting social behavior to a reliable degree. 
  • On the “boosted ego” of lawyers.
  • The importance of the trait of agreeableness. 
  • The “Big 5” factor analysis of personality traits and the connection to everyday language. 
  • On “conscientiousness" and “resilience.”  How to evaluate these important lawyer traits.
  • Brain plasticity and if our best traits are based on nature or nurture.
  • Why too much of a good trait can be a bad thing.
  • Why agreeableness might lead you to a lower salary.
  • How Hire an Esquire is using psychometric data to improve client results and the overall legal system.
  • Predicting performance.  Saving money.

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