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Sep 7, 2018

Dr. Larry Richard is recognized as the leading expert on the psychology of lawyer behavior. He has advised dozens of AmLaw 200 law firms on leadership, management, and related issues such as teams, change management, talent selection, assessment, and other aspects of strategic talent management. Widely known as an expert on the lawyer personality, he has gathered personality data on thousands of lawyers.

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Show Notes 

  • Larry’s experience in law school.  Dreading classes, but liking the people.
  • Initial “stress symptoms” in early practice years – “bashing people’s brains in for a living.”
  • Larry’s experience practicing Entertainment Law in New York City and discovering different pathways.
  • Transitioning to career counseling and enjoying it.  “We teach best what we most need to learn.”
  • Earning a PHD in Organizational Behavior and applying it to the practice of law.
  • The interest of lawyers in leadership, communication and fixing dysfunctional behaviors.  The inverse relationship between lawyering and these traits.
  • The trouble of applying legal skills to resolving inter-personal conflict.
  • Building a psychology practice to bring out the best in law firms.
  • The difficulty of selling things to law firms.  Why referrals from satisfied clients works best.
  • Larry’s psyc tips for those selling to law firms.  Building credentials and trusting relationships.
  • The importance of rich and deep human contact.
  • How to contact Larry and learn more about his unique practice.


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