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Mar 1, 2018

David Bitton, CEO of PracticePanther talks with host, Ian Connett about PracticePanther’s business model and David’s favorite topic which is automation.


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Evolve your legal practice with technology


Show Notes

  • How PracticePanther started and what they do - 0:54
  • Who are your primary customers - 2:58
  • The #1 thing customers love about their platform - 3:38
  • David’s insights on automation - 4:23
  • Tasks that can be automated - 6:10
  • How integrations are creating efficiencies - 7:30
  • Understanding billing and management - 9:00
  • Innovations within smart offices - 11:54
  • Favorite internal tools - 14:52
  • PracticePanther is hiring - 18:44
  • His top feature for practice management - 21:58


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