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Jun 28, 2019

An attorney who transitioned from being a practitioner to creating his own legal tech company, in today's podcast, we listen to Chris Smith, the founder and CEO of “Your Firm App”, which provides clients with better mobile access to case information right on the palm of their hand.


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Show Notes

  • Chris' background - 1:00
  • Being a CLEO user - 3:06
  • What the mobile App is about - 3:35
  • The firm App and the CLEO conference - 5:04
  • The first version of the platform - 6:30
  • Client's feedback - 8:35
  • The biggest obstacle for the product - 11:30
  • The Client App, what it is, and how you can sign up - 12:28
  • Adding more people to the platform - 15:45
  • The testing ground - 17:53
  • Android and IOS App for clients - 19:15
  • The most enjoyable thing - 21:00
  • A tool that helps both clients and attorneys - 25:00
  • Using the App - 26:00
  • The balance between features and functionality - 30:58
  • New features for Your Firm App - 33:00
  • A simple and elegant platform - 34:00


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