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Jul 19, 2019

Host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) brings a series of episodes from this year's Legal Geek Conference. Today, he talks to Catherine Krow, CEO of Digitory Legal, Former Orrick partner, and one of the Top 10 Women Entrepreneur in Cloud Innovation. Listen in to get first-hand details of her amazing career and her experience at the event. 


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Show Notes

Who is Catherine Krow? - 0:30

What is Digitory Legal? - 0:48

Focussing on legal services - 1:16

Giving clients what they need - 2:20

Two years in the industry - 2:40

Transitioning from a big Law Firm to becoming an entrepreneur - 3:23

Lawyer and entrepreneur - 5:04

Digitory Legal website and how to get in touch with them - 5:46 

Her favorite customer success story - 6:33

Focused on litigation - 7:59


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