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Nov 12, 2019

In this episode, host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) talks with Ben Stoneham, CEO of Autologyx. Autologyx’s Fabric Automation® Platform as a Service empowers organizations to embrace innovation by integrating next-generation technologies - such as AI and ML - with legacy systems, enabling low risk innovation to ensure sustained competitive advantage. Autologyx enables automation of legal processes where it impacts the most: legal delivery.


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Show Notes

  • The journey of Autologyx - 0:56
  • A problem to solve - 2:36
  • A great application for legal services - 3:56
  • Law needs technology - 4:27
  • The new technology that’s at the center of Autologyx's engine - 8:07
  • Best use of data - 9:54
  • An engine that is working already - 11:49
  • Using legal technology and the benefits - 12:50
  • What is machine learning? - 13:30
  • Getting comfortable with machine learning - 14:30
  • A webinar about machine learning for legal teams - 18:10
  • What is obligations management? - 19:30
  • Understanding the Autologyx's platform - 22:33
  • Autologyx as an integrating platform - 24:58
  • A digital operation platform - 33:34
  • Ben's plans - 35:30


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