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Sep 14, 2018

dealcloser is an online platform designed for corporate lawyers that makes the transaction process more efficient and accurate, automating or eliminating many of the non-value added administrative tasks required to keep a deal running smoothly. Amir is a former corporate lawyer who practiced corporate law at a large international law firm. Amir has assisted on numerous transactions, from small to very large, and has a thorough understanding of the problem dealcloser aims to solve.

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Show Notes 

  • The origin story of dealcloser– on discovering entrepreneurship.
  • How Amir met his Co-Founder and built a transactional software hub without significant "programming" experience.
  • Understanding what matters most is a lawyer’s own client relationships.  On making dealcloser client’s clients happy.
  • The importance of increasing lawyer professionalism through tech.
  • The tech scene in Edmonton.  New hire plans and what Amir looks for in new hires.
  • Tips to law students looking for legal tech work.  The importance of “involvement” and getting to know your local startup community. 
  • 2 things Amir would have done differently when founding dealcloser.
  • AI and the unforeseen impact on legal education.
  • Amir’s experience playing music and the connection between playing in bands and founding companies. 
  • On the problem of now learning how to be a lawyer in law school - and how to fix that.
  • How dealcloser can significantly lower the costs of transactions. How to learn more about the product, try it and connect with Amir.
  • Go to for a 30 day trial today!

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