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May 22, 2019

Alma Asay is chief innovation officer and head of legal solutions at Integreon Discovery Solutions, Inc., a leading global provider of alternative legal services. Integreon provides litigation support solutions to the legal community and it offers electronic discovery management solutions, including the collection, processing, reviewing, and production of electronic documents.

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Show Notes

  • Alternative legal services - 0:39
  • Alma's work - 2:24
  • Looking for opportunities to improve legal technology - 3:50
  • Integreon's tools for attorneys - 5:31
  • A tool for big law firms and corporations - 7:23
  • Their first client - 8:18
  • Allegory and Integreon working together - 9:18
  • A client success story - 10:30
  • Law firms looking for legal tech solutions - 13:07
  • Allegory challenges for the future - 14:00
  • A lot of information on litigation - 16:19
  • A tool for litigators -18:40
  • A new way of practicing law - 19:28
  • A platform for people that love to litigate - 20:48
  • The major barrier for lawyers - 22:40
  • Not trying to replace the work that lawyers do - 24:00
  • Education and collaboration for clients and lawyers - 26:00


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