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Jun 30, 2016


Are we reaching the end of law firms? Today we sit down with Mark Lassiter, founder of the Lassiter Law Firm, to discuss the structure of law firms and their relevance in the modern world. He discusses the historical reasons for the structure of law firms and the four different reasons why we have them. He then discusses the changing workplace, the increasing relevance of cloud based technologies, and, ultimately, how the structure of the law firm might change in the future.

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:22 The Problem With "But We've Always Done It This Way"

0:44 The Four Reasons We Have Law Firms

1:27 How Cloud Based Services Could Replace Law Firms

1:51 The Pyramid Model of Law Firms

2:41 The Four Things Law Firms Do

3:45 A New Approach to Handle the Practice of Law

4:26 What Does This Look Like In Practice?

5:38 Outro